Headquartered in Waltham, MA, Jassby is an app by families, for families, originally designed to help reduce the common household arguments around budgets, chores, and money. From there, we’ve evolved into a world-class shopping experience, and a form of banking for the next generation.

Coming soon, kids will be able to use Jassby to pay anywhere Apple Pay is accepted with the Jassby Virtual Debit Card for Kids. A contactless payment options for their allowance that can be controlled by the parents through a free app on their phones.

Jassby’s proprietary technology, business model and services, help connect grandparents, parents, and children so that the grandparents and parents can allot funds for a child to save money in a college trust or savings account, do good by giving to charitable organizations, or spend with various retailers and sellers, all in a marketplace controlled and operated by Jassby.

Jassby offers a unique value proposition for all!

The platform to help teach the next generation financial literacy.


Give money to your kids with a tap. Automate allowance and assign chores. All while remaining safe and secure.


Financial freedom and access to funds. Budgeting and shopping! Financial literacy through real life experience


Easily give money to your grandkids with a tap. Stay connected, even if you live far away. Wish lists and gift ideas!


Replace outdated technology. Lower parents’ overdraft fees.

Our Team

An experienced team of consumer and financial service experts.

Benny Nachman


Dave Laubner


Steve Reidy


Jim Glatiotis


Greg Bottenhorn

EVP Business Development

Steve Nester

SVP Development & Technology

Caroline Almeda

Head Legal Officer

Igaal Yaari

SVP Operations

Join the Team!

We are always looking for great talent & looking to expand our team of 25. If you are interested in getting into the mobile payments and fintech space, please let us know.

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