A new way of banking.

Jassby, Inc., in partnership with Needham Bank, has enabled banking services for Jassby users, reinforcing our vision to bring financial services to Generations Z and Alpha and their families. Together, we work to bridge the gap in the market by meeting the needs of 11-18 year-olds who are old enough to utilize apps and online shopping but are too young for a bank account.


Human interaction at the bank.


App-based, media style banking.

Banking for the family is the missing link.

Credit/debit cards, checks, ACH, wires were never designed for kids or family interactions.

I’m very excited to partner with Jassby to impact financial literacy among young people. We view this as an opportunity to build relationships with parents and their children, so that we become trusted advisors to a new generation through technology they’ve grown up using. We want our children and grandchildren to bank at Needham Bank and to view us as their community bank in the cloud.”

Joseph Campanelli,
President & CEO

Needham Bank

Our strength is technology and creating a world-class user experience. As financial transactions are very highly regulated, we need a partner that not only understands this world but who lives it. Our partnership brings to our users, the strengths of both parties. As our users grow-up, we strive to bring them relevant tools within the Jassby app that they have come to trust. This may include helping them show financial responsibility in order to qualify for lower interest loans or credit cards. Ultimately, our success will be gauged by the kids that were using Jassby with their families when they were young, will use Jassby for their full banking needs as young adults”.

Benny Nachman