Jassby proudly supports online learning for our next generation.

The growth of e-learning options for our children is exploding. We’re making some of the best options available for sale through the Jassby Shop, our in-app store.

E-Learning Partners

We are adding new classes and camps frequently. Kids should just visit the “Shop” tab in their Jassby app.

CodeWizardsHQ delivers the most fun and effective live, online coding classes for kids and teens ages 8-18. 

Outschool connects motivated learners, parents, and teachers together to create great learning experiences.

What is the e-learning program on Jassby?

Our app has a full, family-friendly e-commerce store called the Jassby Shop for kids to spend the money they earn through the Jassby chores and allowance app. Although the classes are redeemed through the partner site, you can now purchase classes in the Jassby Shop. 

How do I find an e-learning class for my child?

Parents and their kids can find classes by visiting the “Shop” tab in the main navigation of the Jassby App.

How much are e-learning classes?

Classes vary by course and are set in partnership with our education partners. Please search on the Jassby Shop to find one that fits your budget.

Do you offer virtual summer camps?

Our providers all provide an option for online learning that can be used an online camp alternative. We also have a free guide to Virtual Summer Camps available for you!

Header photo by  Annie Spratt on  Unsplash