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What is Jassby?

We are a no-fee debit card for kids and teens! We are also an app where families can share money!  We created our app to help families start the dialogue around earning money, paying their kids for chores and teaching kids and teens the fundamentals around money management. 

In the app we give families the tools to teach their kids how to save, spend responsibly and give. Main features include: Financial Literacy Score, Jassby Rewards, Parental Controls, Chores and Activities, Contactless Payments, and Saving Goals.

What does Jassby cost?

Great news! We are a no-fee app. The Virtual Debit Card is at no cost as well, unless you would like the physical debit card, that fee is $4.99. 

We hold a strong stance on not teaching yours or our kids to pay fees for debit cards and focus on teaching them great life skills with managing their money at a young age. 

Is there a minimum age limit?

No there is no minimum age requirement, but this card is a card for kids and teens. Most of our kid members are between the ages of 8-17 years old. We have over 10,000 kids under the age of 18!

What is the Kids and Teens Debit Card?

This is a virtual debit card for kids! It is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Kids and families can add this card to your mobile wallet on both Apple and Android devices. Physical card available by request only. 

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via our website, phone or tablet/iPad devices.

To sign up on a desktop: Click join now and follow the prompts.

To sign up on a mobile device or tablet/iPad Download our app and follow the prompts. 

Do I need to have multiple kids to have a family wallet and Account?

No! You can sign up just 1 kid or 4 kids, depending on your family. There is a 6 person/family limit of the number of debit cards one family can have.

You need to add at least one child to your family wallet/account to fully activate your account. 

Can I get a physical debit card?

At the moment, physical cards are not available, but they will be soon! We will notify account holders with instructions for ordering their card as they become available, if interested! 

Our thoughts on this – we believe the future is contactless payments and we have seen that it is a method preferred by kids. Plus, what is a kid more likely to lose? Their phone or their debit card? Probably both, which is why we offer everyone the Virtual Debit Card, first and foremost. 

How do I close my account?

A parent or adult on the account can contact Jassby Customer Support to close your account. A kid on the account is unable to close their Jassby account.

Customer Support: Call: # 831-274-7330  or email:

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