Jassby Preferred Accounts

The perfect first financial account for your kids

The Jassby Preferred Allowance account is for parents who want to reward their kids for chores and pay allowances while maintaining a bit more control and the security of an FDIC backed account. It’s free to sign up and use and takes just a few minutes to install on iPhone, ipad or android/playstore. 

Manage Chores and Pay Allowance

Set and schedule chores, remotely approve them, and reward your kids with real money right through our free app. Easily manage chores and pay weekly allowance with just a few clicks.

Teach Financial Literacy

Our philosophy is that kids learn by doing. Setting a structure for why they get allowance, how to save your first money, and working with them on how to spend their own money are lessons that will last a lifetime.

Spend on the Jassby Shop

Thousands of brand name and curated products from small treats to Apple iPads. There’s something for every kid in the Jassby Shop. The allowance account provides access for your kids to spend their allowance in a family-friendly store where you control what product categories they can see.

Get Started Today!

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The Jassby Preferred Account is issued by Needham Bank, Member FDIC, Member DIF.