The Shop in Jassby, thousands of unique & brand name products just for members!

Jassby allows your kids to shop online with money they earn in the Jassby chores & allowance app. We’ve curated special offers and deals on a growing list of thousands of brand name and cool products that both you and your kids will love.

Games & Game Merchandise

Top games, merchandise and other game related products that kids, teens and even parents love!

Clothing & Jewelry

Dresses, jewelry, and pop culture tees, the Jassby Shop has it all! 

Top Tech Gear!

Great deals on Apple, Samsung, GoPro and all the top tech available on the market today!

Giving is part of learning!

We believe that any program to help children learn about money must involve giving back and supporting others.

The Conservation Fund

Part of every dollar spent on the Shop will be donated back to support the environment, learn more about our partnership with the Conservation Fund

Donate to great charities!

We partner with a wide range of charities where your kids can donate directly within the Shop inside Jassby.

E-Learning on Jassby

We also offer a wide range of classes that you and your child can choose from on the Shop. Simply search for our E-Learning collection.

What is the Shop in Jassby?

Our app has a full, family-friendly e-commerce store called the Shop for kids to spend the money they earn through the Jassby chores and allowance app. Although the classes are redeemed through the partner site, you can now purchase classes in the Shop. 

How does my child use the Shop?

Parents and their kids can find classes by visiting the “Shop” tab in the main navigation of the Jassby App.

Sell on the Shop

Add your products to the fast growing marketplace dedicated for kids today.

Some photos by   Ben Mullins on Unsplash.