How Jassby Protects Your Security

Your security is our top priority, so we have implemented a wide range of security features to protect your account and ensure your kid’s safety. Please read more, below.


We use the latest encryption technology combined with biometric authentication to lock out unauthorized use.


You will need to create a PIN and use either Touch ID or Face ID to complete transactions.

Kid Safety

We have hard-coded hundreds of keywords to keep your kid from buying illegal and age-restricted merchandise.

Have questions? Let us know.

Block Merchants With a Tap

Toggle the merchant “On” or “Off” to choose the retailers your kid can access, and you give her a customized shopping experience.

We Set Transaction Limits

For an extra level of security, we set spending limits to protect you from fraudulent activity.

What We DO NOT Do

We don’t share your financial information with retailers. We don’t perform credit checks. We don’t debit your bank account or charge your debit card until after your kid has made a purchase.

Fraud Protection

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or suspect suspicious activity on your account, please contact us right away!

Call us at 831-274-7330