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There is growing interest in the Jassby mission of helping parents teach their kids financial literacy through doing. And with the upcoming release of our no monthly fee debit card for kids, we are expecting to grow even further. Here are some highlights from November.
As the father of four, one of the main impacts Covid has had in my house is around my children’s education.
Benny Nachman, Jassby founder and CEO, was recently interviewed on television and radio stations around the US to discuss our recently conducted survey of US parents changing views and habits as it relates to purchasing.
The results of a survey asking 1000 parents with kids under 18 years old 15 questions about the impact of Covid on their kids' education. What Jassby found was parents are stressed about how caring for their children was made more difficult by the financial struggles during the pandemic.
Combined with a secure, kid-friendly marketplace, the family financial literacy service enables contactless or cashless payment with the Jassby Virtual Debit Mastercard.