Jassby Virtual Debit Card for Kids, Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jassby Virtual Debit Card?

We will soon be offering a virtual debit card that will be managed by parents and kids through the family account inside the Jassby App. Jassby users that have this functionality will be able to pay for items from funds in their Jassby account in stores through Apple Pay or online using the account details that can be found within the app.

Why is it a “Virtual” Debit Card?

We do not issue physical cards to our users. The service is managed and used from within the Jassby Family Finance App. These are more secure than physical cards because the card cannot be lost and the service can be turned off remotely by the parent in our app.

How do Jassby Users Get A Jassby Virtual Debit Card?

Once the service is made available, parents or the organizers of a Jassby Family account can apply for a debit card account through our app or the online application form. Once accepted, they will be issued an account with associated account details. The family organizer can then decide to activate the debit card for use by the children that they registered as Jassbny users in their Jassby Family. Children are not allowed to apply for the card but must be added by a parent or guardian who opened the account.

What is the Jassby App?

Jassby is the mobile wallet for the family allowing parents to share money with their kids while teaching them about financial literacy. Parents can manage chores, allowances, and savings goals with their kids and manage how they spend that money through the Jassby Mall or Jassby Virtual Debit Card. The Jassby Virtual Debit card is a service of the Jassby Family Financial App.

Is the VIrtual Debit Card a Credit Card?

No. The Jassby Virtual Debit card works like any other debit card. You or your family are only able to purchase items using existing funds added to their Jassby account. We do not extend credit for purchases.

How much does the Jassby Virtual Debit Card Cost?

No fee for the first six calendar months of family enrollment in the Jassby Virtual Debit Card program. After the conclusion of the six-month promotional period, there is no monthly fee for any calendar month in which at least one family Jassby Virtual Debit Card is used to make at least one purchase. If there is no purchase activity on any family Jassby Virtual Debit card in a calendar month, a monthly fee of $2.99 applies for that calendar month.