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Jassby kids debit card free virtual debit card

Jassby Financial Literacy
Score for kids

Jassby is revolutionizing the industry by introducing the Financial Literacy Score for kids.

Jassby Rewards you for being Money Smart.

Teaching kids to be Money Smart is our number one goal. Rewards can be redeemed for real world money discounts and products in the Jassby shop.

Don’t start your kids’ financial education by teaching them to pay fees for a debit card…

Part of starting your kids down the right financial path is teaching them where fees are needed and where they aren’t. Their debit card is not one of those places…

Payments for today’s kids
with parental controls for you!

70%+ of kids’ spending today happens digitally (online or in-app), yet we are still giving them money in cash and checks.

We can’t solve
all your family arguments,
but here is one we can!

We all know that families argue about money.
We can help with automatic allowances and chore management.

Jassby: How do you build a financial product for children?

In this episode of Homescreen, 11:FS Pulse's Joe Colchester is joined by Jim Glatiotis, CTO of Jassby, to talk about how they are building financial products for children and families whilst promoting financial literacy.

Benny Nachman Talks About The Future of Contactless Payments

KFTA-TV Fox 24 hosts Benny Nachman, Founder and CEO of Jassby, to discuss the ongoing trend of people moving towards contactless payments.  

Level Up Leadership with Greg Bottenhorn

Lead To Greatness podcast sits down with Greg Botternhorn, Chief Marketing Officer of Jassby for a conversation about gaining some more insight into what makes the company great.
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We love the flexibility of this app. Giving allowance and setting limits has never been easier us. Plus, it teaches financial literacy and independence. Our motto: You want it, you earn it. We have not had any order issues and are happy with all of our product purchases, too.


App Store Review

Great app for kids do get money for doing chores

It is a great app for kids to get money by doing chores. Also kids can get a real credit card there which I already did and I bought some things on Amazon. it was so exciting! Thank you Jassby!

-Margo Kuznetsova

Trustpilot User Review

This app makes facilitating allowance for kids very convenient and has the potential to help them understand how to manage their money better. It’s a great idea combining earning, saving, and spending in one place - I can see it naturally promoting much healthier financial habits!


Justuseapp User Review