Is financial literacy important?

We all want the best for our children and their education, but are we focused on their financial well being. Will they have the skills to run their own households?

Kids Who ARE Allowed to Manage Their Own Money

Talk to Their Parents About Money

Say That Their Parents Set a Good Financial Example

Have a Savings Account

Kids Who ARE NOT Allowed to Manage
Their Own Money

Spend Their Money as Soon as They Get It

Have Lied About What They Spent Their Money On

Expect Their Parents to Buy Them What They Want

Introducing Jassby

The app that allows you to teach your kids financial literacy by doing.

Set Chores

Set one-time or recurring chores and reword kids with real money!

Send & Request Money

Send your kids money and let them request it when they need it.

Parental Controls

Complete control of your kids money and what they can buy on the Jassby Mall.

Manage Allowance

Manage your kids allowance like a real boss.

The Jassby Mall

Kids can shop and buy items from thousands of partners right in the Jassby app!

Account Statements

Clear statements of all your activity within the app.

Shop on the Jassby Mall!

Jassby allows your kids to shop online with money they earn, at the retailers you’ve approved. With the ability to purchase from the top retailers in one checkout, you’ll want to shop with Jassby, too!

Jassby Users love it!

Reviews from real Jassby Users.

The app is well design and user friendly for all ages. I love the fact that you can even make purchases from this app and budget how u spend.


The app is really useful to transfer money between the family and it’s useful to transfer money to their kids and this app helps kids to buy various products of their choice using their merchandises available in the app. 


I Downloaded this seeing how it would work. It has been AMAZING for my family and my kids to understand how money works. Now they’re able to understand what it’s like to earn money. Plus the kids can buy stuff right from Jassby! 

That guy16

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Helping to Support the Environment

We’ve teamed up with The Conservation Fund and will donate $1 from every purchase transaction on the Jassby Mall until we reach our goal. Because we believe that giving back should be part of every child’s financial education.