Benny Nachman discuses COVID 19 and Contactless Payment with FOX24, Arkansas

Consumers’ spending habits have been transitioning to digital and mobile in the US for years, but the COVID 19 pandemic appears to have accelerated this shift considerably. Benny Nachman, Jassby founder and CEO, was recently interviewed on television and radio stations around the US to discuss our recently conducted survey of US parents changing views and habits as it relates to purchasing.

Some of the key findings from the survey were as follows.

  • Parents have a range of concerns with regard to using cash for purchases. The largest is the feeling that cash may be unsanitary, with 53% of parent respondents claiming this worry. 
  • Covid19 has deeply changed the way families/parents are spending using cash for purchases. Usage rates of cash decreased between 18-50% across previous rates of spending prior to this health issue. 

The shift to mobile payments will be a key topic for families as they try to navigate our new normal. Jassby, the mobile wallet and payments app for families, recently announced a Virtual Debit Card for kids in partnership with Mastercard. The service will be integrated into the free Jassby app and made available through a waiting list in November.