The Chores & Allowance App for Families

The Jassby App allows you to manage chores and allowance all from our iOS app. Your kids will be able to earn real money and shop on our world-class mall for great name brand and boutique products we’ve curated from around the world.

Key Jassby Features

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Your kid can request money for doing stuff. Let’s say they want to earn $15 for cleaning the house. They can send you a request to approve the chore and the reward, in advance. It’s a great way for your kid to take initiative.

Jassby also makes it so easy to give money for birthdays, allowance, chores, good grades or any reason at all. Just sign up as a parent or grandparent, add a kid, and  link a funding source.


Kids love new ways to earn money. Jassby lets you give your kid incentives to do household chores, get good grades, and achieve goals.


Allowances are a great way to teach kids the value of hard-working the money that comes with it. It’s never too early for them to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. As a parent, you have a lot on your plate, and you never have just the right amount of cash. Set up a weekly or monthly allowance with Jassby, and never forget again!


Kids spend 7+ hours a day online and make many of their purchases there as well. The problem is, cash or checks can’t be used for these purchases. With the Jassby mall, kids can use their in-app funds to shop for apparel, cosmetics, tech & games, food, movie tickets, or just about anything else. Essentially, they can get what they need without hitting up their parents for a credit card. Mom and Dad, once you add a funding source, you can shop too!


Your Jassby statement displays all of your family’s account activity on a single screen. At a glance, you can see what your kid bought, when they bought it, what it cost, and more.