The Virtual Debit Card for Kids with NO Monthly Fee*

Easily send your kids money through your phone, track what they spend it on, and empower them to purchase online or in-store right on their phone!

Powered by Mastercard, the Jassby Virtual Debit Card is available for your family today! Simply install the free Jassby app for iPhone or iPad to get started.

Pay Online or Offline

Use your virtual debit card to pay for things online and in-store through Apple Pay. It’s free for you to use with NO monthly fee* to have the cards for all of your family when they use it!

You’re in Control

You decide which child has the card activated in their account, and are notified for where and when they are using it.

Teaching Kids About Money

The Virtual Debit Card seamlessly integrates with the Jassby Family Finance app allowing you to manage allowance, chores and budgets with your kids so they can learn early about the value of a dollar and how to manage it.

How does the virtual debit card for kids work?

Apply for the Virtual Debit Card

You apply for the card as a parent and select which of your kids will have access to use it through our secure mobile app. No card is issued and you can turn it on or off remotely!

Share Money Via the Jassby App

You can share money with your kids through chores or weekly allowance you set with your kids including spending limits on what they can spend using the virtual card.

Use it in Minutes Inside Our App

Once activated, your kids will have access to use the card online or even connect it with Apple Pay on their iPhone to enable contactless payment in store.

Get Started Today!

Empower your kids with the No Fee Virtual Debit Card for Kids from Jassby!

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.