We have a financial literacy problem.

Financial literacy, or lack thereof, is a global problem. Parents want their kids to be financially literate, but many of us are not sure how to teach them. At Jassby, we think it’s important for kids to “learn by doing” and through real-life experiences. From budgeting to banking, the upcoming generations must prepare for the future with the proper financial knowledge. Jassby provides the tools families need for their kids to go through a “money metamorphosis,” a journey to becoming a more financially responsible adult.

Financial Literacy is an Issue in the U.S.

Do you think financial literacy is an issue within the United States?

When Students Were Asked This Question

Did they try to figure out how much their monthly student loan payments would be?

The U.S. ranks only slightly higher than Botswana in adult financial literacy.

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With Jassby, you and your child work together on learning how to earn money through chores and allowance and set savings goals through simple budgeting. You have complete visibility on how they are spending it through Jassby Shop.

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